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Ajna Light Therapy

Release your own DMT

This psychedelic "spirit molecule" is responsible for the "blooming lotus" and mandalas witnessed by master meditators, as well as dreams, astral travel, remote viewing, and near death experiences. Every Ajna Light session is training your mind to recall these states on your own, at will.

Deep states of relaxation

Reduce anxiety and eliminate stress without a second thought. People report the Ajna Light to be immediately relaxing, easing your body into a near-sleep state and calming the mind to a peaceful clarity.

Anti-aging and pain relief

The physiological effects of a single Ajna Light session can be felt for days and often include relief from many types of pain, as well as a decrease in cortisol levels for the wonderful benefit of natural anti-aging and less internal stress. 

How it works

The Ajna Light uses the principle of brainwave entrainment. The benefits of meditation are well known and documented, but most people find meditating difficult, and it can take years of practice to receive many of the benefits reported by masters. Brainwave entrainment is an excellent way to make altered states of consciousness more accessible, however most methods are still highly resistible. By speaking directly to the photosensitive pineal gland with specific frequencies of light, the minds ability to inadvertently resist is greatly diminished, leading one to enter these natural, extremely deep states of meditation with incredible ease.

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William Greenage

William is a neoshamanic practitioner and certified Ajna Light Therapist. He specializes in spiritual guidance, and he offers meditation training and energy work. Initiated near death at the age of twelve, his path has been organically realized to hold space for and serve as a guide to those seekers with or without a traumatic initiation in our modern western world. His unique new age approach to shamanism combines breakthrough technology with simple and effective meditative techniques to offer a powerful, holistic, and drug free solution to any psychedelic explorer.


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